New ideas for updates!

  • Good morning everyone!

    This is the first time I've written a thread on this forum. I have spent days thinking about how to try to get word to the so-called "higher ups" regarding a nice update, some news about this game.

    Today I'm here to tell you about my idea and how I think about it: coupons GMs. For me, coupon GMs don't make sense, and do you know why? New players, just starting out, are forced to deal with a colossal equipment disparity in pvp, not to mention the advent of +28. I would like, as would most people, to go back to the famous "crafting", the famous "I'm going to farm ingredients to make me a nice equip".

    What do you think? Will it be possible to bring this voice up so that we are heard? I don't know if crafting is buggy or what, but when you could do it it was a lot more fun, now the market prices have risen more and more and people get bored after a while, especially because it becomes too much of a pay to win, even if it already is, let's not lie.

    So my idea was to not take away the coupon gm's, but still increase the drop, or just take the 48's equipment out of redemption, so we can get back to crafting.

    This is just one of many ideas I can think of, I'm trying, I'm confident, and I won't stop.

    Try to be good, I don't want to be attacked ;(