We need a change !!!!!

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  • I mean I understand you wanna help us (the players) and make the game more fun but at least when you try to help make sure you can actually help not just saying something and make us wait for 4 months without knowing it will be submitted or no or take a specific date for it

    Game became so bad lately and we are trying our best with no updates and we are patient on the problem that you have as game masters and game admins that many communities are different in the way you treat them and the items , events , competitions given to them and not give to the rest

    also some technical issues that you can move (transfer) character between servers in some communities and some don't have that feature .

    all this are stuff you can fix and make

    for example UK is 10000% forgotten at events unlike RO-IT a lot of farming events and stuff to get 48 items and more

    also UK can't use the feature to move character between servers

    and more and more and more

    this also with the hacks going in 24 hours in BG and the cash

    but at least if you can't fix the hack issue you can fix the cash by increasing cooldown time in medals (s-7) skill but you still didn't do it

    WE USED to have many good items in crystal game but you changed it to worst rewards ever

    you didn't take any of the suggestions players made back then

    and they didn't need to be changed since you already removed Moon crystals from Marduk

    and you could of remove only golds from reward to defeat the gold issue on crystals but you just made it worst

    we are trying to bring more and more people to the game and help them but there is nothing to support new players in game

    Is completely pay to play for them now and we are trying to push them as we can .

    but crystal are ruined and everything you need in game you have to buy it with money

    and I hope the coupon list (if it ever came) will not be ruined as well (it's already ruined and nothing in it is useful to new players)

    we need some changes for real if no updates can be made also no events ?? then why some servers has and some no

    why there is no events like adding items on magma and Marduk boxes to make players active and farm again .

    why there is some servers cheaper than others in buying moonstones ??

    I mean how is this game working ?? How did the company manage this game at 1st place ?? on what base are the decisions made ? where is the Coma from all this ?? many many issues in game and most of them are some stuff that GF can fix.

    Community mangers

    Please Staff teams need more organizing and any event in any of the servers need to be made in all servers as well

    and if the number of the staff is small then please add some staff members at least in event team . I'm 100% sure there are many many players wants to help their communities .

    as we pay more and more many to the game with no updates and some unbalance in money charging like TR serve which is not Fair .

    least thing you can do for us is giving us the fun again .

    Show us that you care for that game .

    we need some events not only make us to pay money money money we need some in game events like magma boxes - Marduk - Hell Flame - Bow rewards

    something can make us feel the fun again please