Free set for new player!

  • Hello,

    Thinking about new player, I was wondering, why don’t help them?

    In this moment there are much old player that have an impressive set..

    So, with a bad set that only a new player have, why don’t help new player giving them a set +20-22 that they’ll gain reaching a level (like +20 at lv 100, +22 at lv 120)

    That’ll help them with the quest, and other things.

    However the set can’t be trade, but, they’ll have permanently a good set and they can play.

    What you think about that?

  • I get dislikes because is the only weapon they have vs me...

    Because they all are loser

    They don’t want that a new player have that kind of help..

    Because they suffered, so they have to suffer to.

    They think about themselves, and not for the other.

  • Hello everybody! :)

    I'm glad to read that you have ideas for our game.

    However, I would like to ask you to use the corresponding feedback sections in the forums of the respective communities, so that we can get an overall overview.

    Furthermore, I would like to remind you, Style and 34leo of your conversational language. Obviously you used the label "UK" here to start the post.

    With this label you accept the rules of the UK team, which also specifies the language. Here English is the only communication language used - please try to keep it.

    Best regards,




  • Yep I know,

    But I didn’t want to humiliate him (or maybe “it”, idk if is a Person or a object) publicly 🙃