New Rules Discussion/Feedback

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  • This topic can be closed, whenever you say interesting things and true things you do not answer and when it's a " Conversational language" you instant punish, you do this topic for nothing and you will not change anything since 4Story team doesnt care about our opinions. Since this topic is created you never answered correctly and you never try to find a solution. This topic is nothing but a waste of time.


                                                                                                                                                                           !!!   HEROES NEVER DIE !!!!Résultat de recherche d'images pour

  • I'm back :D

    Because why ask some active player for help making the rules ? ...

    That's the reason why we have this topic here... to get some feedback, find mistakes etc

    What exactly do you want to add or change?

    Tarodis Please read my replies and answer them.

  • why don't resolve the bugg? is so hard for yours developers resolve the buggs?


    First of all, I want to thank you for your feedback.

    If you have found bugs, then you are welcome to contact us.

    These are then immediately routed to the appropriate department to look for an optimal solution.

    How long a remedy takes is unknown.

    Nevertheless, I assume that the best possible solution is being worked on.

    Therefore, it is important that you support us by reporting the errors.

    That's how we can achieve something together.

    Best regards,

  • Zonga there are a lot videos on youtube where play buggs, u can see it and how bugg and can fix easy.

  • +1.. sad

                                                                                                                                                                           !!!   HEROES NEVER DIE !!!!Résultat de recherche d'images pour

  • Thats why the Ice Cave is still bugged after 6 months?


    Thank you so much for your feedback.

    As a voluntary team we can't do more than forward your problems and concerns to the next level.

    This means that we have already forwarded this problem to find a solution.

    We don't know ourselves how long this will take.

    We are not responsible for such actions.

    As soon as we have news about the Ice Cave, you will be informed.

    Best regards,

  • Quick question, is clicking on the minimap while having fear allowed? I've always thought it isn't, but I've just been told that it is allowed. Thanks in advance!

  • Zonga there are a lot videos on youtube where play buggs, u can see it and how bugg and can fix easy.


    Thank you so much for your feedback.

    It would be advisable to immediately forward evidence to the appropriate teams so that it can be processed properly.

    So if you notice players using unfair means, you are welcome to send them via IRC or the ticket system.

    So we can profit together in this respect.

    Best regards,

  • this topic will be like the"crystal game" when they make a topic to talk about reward and they just do what they want this will be the same

    + buggers who pay a lot of money to the game (((Will never get banned))))

    That's it.

    Said zonga himself when i asked him about if the bugger pay money will you ban him?? , he said to me " i can't talk about our ways with you ".

    He should say "yes rule are rules " like they always say.

    So let me tell you this as a start every DE player uses bugs will not be banned if he pay much too the game.

    I'm just telling you zonga by telling me that you are breaking the rules yourself and i'v got a screenshot for that.

    I want you to explain this to me if i pay alot of money you will allow bugs for me or what do you mean??

  • Isnt it funny that most of the private servers could fix those abb "bugs" (for example: you cant sit while u r shooting, therefore u cant cast 2x 230% on mage) would it be hard to use their system to these "problems"?

    And about the mount abb. There was an update around 2013 (correct me if im wrong) which allowed us to shoot and hit instantly after riding on mount. So why is it a bug if we use the opportunity the gf community gave us? :D

    I thought only the hungarian game team is useless, but as i see now its international.

  • This rule is about ONE person who plays MORE THAN ONE account at the same time. Why do we have that rule? Because we want to avoid players from exploid anything.. is it events, farming, etc.

    That really doesn't mean that it's forbidden that more than one person plays in the same household as long as every person only plays his/her own accounts and not more than one at the same time.

    and to make sure the topic of this thread again..

    We got these international rules and I opened that thread for your questions about any specific rule to avoid misunderstandigs AND for any suggestions for changes or some rules we forgot.

    This thread is NOT meant for discussions about any bugs, bugfixes, etc etc.. in addition to that, we also won't discuss any punishment/ban or whatever.. same for examples and questions like "do I get a ban for that?????"

    For all who still don't understand it or who don't want to understand this:

    Be sure that I'll remove and/or warn anything that is totally out of topic or just here to provokate!

    Thanks :)

  • So we can play together in Battleground and War of the Worlds? Is that mean? I'ts awesome. Our hungarian Game Administrator forbidden us to play international server, but this is some misunderstanding.

  • I play this days some BattleGrounds and guess what ? In every Bg i saw people use PingZapper/Wtfast + make ABB with Mount :)) like u saw people dont care about "New Rules" they still do it +a lot of them play in no names accounts for using Ping Zapper/Wtfast.

    We can say after this update at "Rules" you will ban 90 % of Players and they will go on privates sv 100 % or stop the game.

    Under the Dark Sky came the Red Clouds of Death
    We act as one none shall stop us
    Ruler of the worlds
    Doom approaches in red clouds.
    Purge the heritic, Burn the unclean, Kill the Valorians <3

    By Akattsuki Guild :!: