Seznam členů CZ týmu

Dear Iberians! Please pay attention and be careful with phishing tries. If you didn't request a new password and you received an e-mail, don't click in any image or link!! If you have doubts please contact support before clicking anywhere! Your 4story Team

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    Game Administrator

    [GA] Hadrian

    [GA] Kirten

    Super Game Master

    [SGM] Daidalos

    [SGM] Hagam

    [SGM] Lailla

    [SGM] Navy

    Game Master

    [GM] Barmites

    [GM] Paramore

    [GM] Pulcar

    Trial Game Master


    Event Administrator

    [EA] Kaywas

    Event Manager

    [EM] Allen


    Board Administrator

    [BA] Dafne

    [GA] Hadrian

    Super Board Moderator

    [SGM] Daidalos

    [SGM] Hagam

    [SGM] Lailla

    [SGM] Navy

    Board Moderator

    [BM] Cathrine


    [TM] SeeYa


    [CM] Lorovus

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