Game Rules

  • 1. Names

    • Player, Guild and Shop names that are offensive, racist, politically-oriented,religious in nature, harassing towards anyone (player or otherwise), orreferences to illegal activities, are all strictly forbidden.
    • Using the names of 4Story staff on a private character is forbidden. Said character will be deleted upon discoverywith no warning.
    • Names with overly-lengthy or incomprehensible letter configurations are forbidden;this includes shop names. In the case of a shop, theplayer will be temporarily disconnected to flush the name from the system. Ifthe player continues the behavior they will be temporarily banned.
    • Shop names not using English, the official game language, are forbidden.

    2. Behavior

    • Be civil with your fellow players. Insults, threats, and blackmail are allforbidden.
    • Attempting to force, blackmail, or coerce a player into something they are unwilling to dois forbidden and will merit a permanent ban from

    If you feel someone is violating this rule, contact a GM immediately, andattempt to gather evidence of the violation using screenshots or video.

    The violation must be clearly visible in the screenshot(s) or video. Modified screenshots are not acceptableevidence.

    Notall insults are the same; there is no universal punishment policy for all casesof verbal incivility. Each case is judged separately by the GM Team.

    2.1. Real Life Threats

    We at take threatsagainst a person's safety very seriously. Threatening another player, a 4StoryTeam Member, a GameForge official or anyone else while under our purview is notonly strictly forbidden but illegal. Threats issued while under the ToS will result in a systemwide ban across all 4Story and GameForge 4Dproperties. Depending on the assessed risk, this may also lead to legal action.

    2.2. Trade of In-Game Properties

    -Fraud is not allowed and will be punished.

    -Pestering the staff for items, money, or other "assistance" can and will bepunished.

    -Items lost due to fraud cannot be returned.

    -Its forbidden to offer and sell items for real money and moonstones. Offers will result in a warn.Repeat offenderwill be punished with a temporary ban.

    2.3. Harassment

    Actions whose sole intentionis to ruin the game for others are also not permitted or welcome here.

    The Action of deliberatelystopping low level reppers is a punishable offence, but only where ahigher level player or group of players actively seeks out or continuouslyfollows for the purpose of killing whilst the lower level player is engaged inkilling mobs. And for this purpose the GM team would need either dated andtimes screen shots of three or more kills within the mob area or fraps showingthe same information in order to act upon a complaint.

    These actions will be treatedas Harassment.

    3. In-game Chat

    The official language's servers, forum-boards, ticket system and IRC channel is English.

    • Conversations in the /all, /n, and /g channels must be conducted in English.
    • Mind your language. Vulgarand defamatory terms are punishable by chatbans.

    3.1. Spam

    • Do not spam. Spamming includes repeatingthe same or similar messages, as well as overtly long or nonsensical"gibberish" messages.
    • Posting links not affiliated with 4story, or advertisements for other websites orgames, is strictly forbidden
    • Posting links or information about cheats, hacks, bots, or similar materials isforbidden and will be punished.

    4. Bug Abuse

    • Players who find bugs are advised to report these bugs directly to the GM Team, eitherby ticket, IRC or a post on the boards.
    • Players who take advantage of a bug are risking an account ban.
    • Entering an off-limits or inaccessible area is strictly forbidden.

    5. Cheating, Scripting and Client Manipulation

    • Manipulation of the 4Story client in unauthorized ways is prohibited. Players using thirdparty software not publishedby GameForge4D GmbH face account deletion.
    • Using software to provide unorthodox control over the game (macros, Logitech G-serieskeyboards, Razer programmable mice, or the like) is prohibited and will resultin a permanent ban.

    5.1. AFK-Leveling and "Botting"

    • Leveling while not actively involved in playing is considered cheating and will bepunished accordingly. This includes afk-leveling with an Evocator's summons.

    5.2. Multiboxing or Dual-Clienting

    • Running multiple instances of the 4Story client on the same computer is forbidden.
    • Any player found doing so will be permanently banned.

    The exception is players who possess or have access to more than one computer withthe 4Story client installed, but physical proof (in the form of an undoctoredphotograph with both computers running 4story side-by-side) is required tovalidate the claim. Claims left unvalidated willbe treated as dual-clienting and the owner will be permanently banned.

    6. Account Credentials

    • Keep your login information a secret. Sharing accounts is notpermitted, and theft from a shared account will not be refunded.
    • It is recommended that you choose a long, complex and secure password whencreating your 4Story credentials. Inaddition, we recommend you take advantage of the Account Manager, to change yourpassword from time to time, for optimal security.
    • The 4Story team will never need to ask for your password, nor will they ever askyou for it or any part of your credentials. If you are asked for your credentials by anyoneclaiming to be a member of the 4Story Game Team, screenshot the incident andreport it via ticket to the Game Team. The impostor will be punishedto the fullest extent of the law.

    6.1. Exchange of Accounts

    • The exchange of Accounts is not permitted as mentioned in the T&Cs and should change of ownership be proved then support will be removed from the account and may result in a game ban.

    7. Interacting with the Game Team

    • Instructions and decisions made by a 4story Team Member are to be respected and followedimmediately upon issuance.
    • Do not attack GMs of the opposite faction unless they have already given theirconsent.
    • Gamemasters are prohibited to give any player or players an unfair advantage over otherplayers. Do not ask them to do these things for you. This includes:
      • Giving away gold, items or levels
      • Spawning monsters
      • Spying on the other faction
    • Do not invite Game Masters into your guild or party, or attempt to add them toyour friends list.
    • Team Members will ALWAYS have the following tags in front of their character names:
      • [GM]
      • [SGM]
      • [GA]
      • [EM]
      • [TM]
      • [CM]
    • If someone claims to be a Team Member but does not have one of these tags,screenshot the incident immediately and report it via the ticket system. The impostor will be punished to the maximumextent of the law.

    7.1. Sanctions

    • Questions or complaints about GM-enacted sanctions such as bans are to be discussed bythe ticket system or directly with the GM who issued said sanction.
    • Public discussion of sanctions is forbidden and will result in an extensionof said sanction.
    • If you disagree with the punishment issued by a specific GM, contact a Game Teammember of the next higher rank. This could be an SGM, GA, TM or CoMa.

    8. Events

    • Obey all GM instructions.Disobedience will result in exclusion from the event; depending on severity, itmay also result in a ban.
    • Do not bother the Team members currently running the event.
    • Submit protests or complaints through the Ticket system. Airing them aloud during the event will resultin chatban for distraction; repeated offenses will result in a ban.
    • Begging for prizes is strictly forbidden.

    9. Multiple Accounts

    • Users are allowed to possess and run more than one account.
    • Should a user be banned for an infraction on one account, the other accounts may bebanned as well depending on the severity of the infraction.

    10. Fan Sites

    • We welcome players to create fansites of, as these aid in advertisingthe game and lead to an increase in new members.
    • If you wish to create a fansite of and use our graphics onsaid site, you must first ask the permission of one of our Community Managers.
    • Make all inquiries and official requests through the ticket system.
    • Fansites using our graphics without our permission are considered in violation ofinternational copyright laws and will be prosecuted.

    11. Penalties

    • Violations of the above rules, unless specially noted, will result in the following:
      • A warning
      • Account bans, either temporary or permanent depending upon the severity ofthe infraction
    • Attempting to circumvent a punishment issued for an infraction will result in a 30-day banacross all owned accounts.
    • No special considerations will be given for Premium Members. The law is the law, no matter how much youpaid.

    12. Procedure for objections to a ban

    • If you want to object to a ban you have to contact the responsible teamler viaSupport System. You can find it here:
    • Please provide all required information so the case can be dealt correct.
    • If your objection is 30 days or older, we will be unable to process it.

    The 4Story Team is allowed to issue punishments for infractions that are not defined in the above rules.

    These rules are subject to change at any time without prior warning. It is advised that you check them often.

    As always, 4Story and all other GameForge 4D GmbH games are subject to theT&C established by GameForge 4D GmbH,


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