Problems In New Patch

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  • Hi All,

    There are many problems in this new patch. Lets everybody write the problems they found in this thread. I'll start with a few;

    1-You can't enter bg as a team.

    2-You can't use invisibility potion or any other potions in bg.

    3-No bg skills.

    4-When you use homeport you get error message.

    5-Marduk rings looks as a mystery chest.

  • 8 - cavern of eternal ice is open but mobs dropping nothing and map show old narwashi map

    8 - Just correction, cavern does drop items, but does not lower your level when you enter, so you need to be maximum 130 lvl for the harder cavern to drop items + cavern is for one for everyone, and for both nations
    9 - In BG menu, clicking on rank redirects you to internet search in Internet Explorer

    10 - Text font is too big

    11 - Turning off NPC names, not all of them turn off
    Will add more as we discover more sadly...

  • Have you tried reinstalling it? I know it sounds simple but it may help.

    Tip for 5: If you want to equip Marduk rings then double clicking them won't work, but dragging them with the mouse on the empty slot will.

  • 15- fonts in some langauges do not work with some letters.

    Also not sure if this is a bug but there is a new server (Coming soon) ? I haven't played the game in a while so idk if it's old news.

  • Didn't work. I have downloaded the UK client too, that worked instantly, on the Hungarian server we still get the same "Cheat program detected" error, when we are trying to install the "normal way". Where as UK and others just work.. Even though I used that "GA_bak.exe" which is recommended and worked for several years now, with this I got past the "cheat program..." error but the issue remains.

    Other thing I tried is: I copied the UK TClient.exe to the HUN version, and it starts, but it has connection problem, like when you don't have internet but you are trying to log in.

    unknown.pngAlso someone told me to try the following command in cmd: TClient.exe 4820

    This sometimes got me the same error which you see above, and sometimes just "freezed", but the animation in the background was still playing.

    As far is I know, nobody was able to play yet. But the issue was recognized by the Moderator of the Forum, and I assume on support too. (It wasn't me who sent the ticket)

    Thoguh any help with this CMD trickery is greatly appreacited. (I feel like this could work) :)

  • 14-It's not possible to access mail box when you're in another place except markut or keter.

    this is no problem on UK server Lapiris

    It applies to "cities", basicly you can't open it anywhere but in places with portals. You can't open mail box for example in Marduk, Cavern, in Documents, etc

    not sure that is a bug it was like that for many years.. so maybe intented

  • I've made a video with the most important bugs/changes after this patch.

    I'll link this thread so people can argue here.

    Nice video but in my opinion this won't be a new patch with new items and bigger lvl, maybe they will create a new server and they will add some features in bg like "details" and "rank" options.

    The bugs are gonna be fixed and everything will be fine, but I hope they will add just something new but not like a patch with new items and level.

  • So some parts which are missing or bugged, like the 24 tour weapons or the problem with the mail were Part of the old 4story. Is there going to be an old school 4story server?

  • So some parts which are missing or bugged, like the 24 tour weapons or the problem with the mail were Part of the old 4story. Is there going to be an old school 4story server?

    Maybe a new old school server but clearly not a patch without invi potions in bg and without s-bar

  • The old school server is an option, obviously it's make against the new Zemi server.

    Imo it's too late for this update and I hope they'll understand their mistakes when most of people will leave GF servers for Zemi ones