Standard Max Item Stats/Options

  • A little correction of the nice list and post by Khalil : the max ops of shield is not accurate anymore 47/24 is current max for melee, for magic book i can't recall atm, but i'm sure someone knows

    also, cloak could be add and is 10/10

  • Well, the 110 was possible with the special Books so its not wrong how its listed - however, i will edit it, putting this information in.

    Same goes for Cloak + Gantha/Shield.

  • Great how you defend your team :D but it was not up- to- date how its listed

    hence the comment in the post :

    "(This is not official so, if things have changed, please let us know so that it can be updated)."

    your answer felt like i get blamed or you think i try to troll, anyway... bad vibes

  • Not really, the Topic is about Max Options in the Game - so why would the current listing be wrong?

    Those Options are in the Game - and if some old Player decides to come back who still has those books those options are still reachable.

    Why would i blame you about a comment made about Options? You are welcome and free to Voice your Opinion, and i edited the Thread for you. There was no offence intended from my Side. Just my own Opinion.

  • title says "standard max ops"... what you talk about is NOT standard and even then, then 110 shield def will be "fixed" ( read lowered till 24)anyway if one has those books still, but ok, if you play it that way, could you add then also the 23 crit and 23speed items?? at one time it was possible also to get those and still are ingame and not beeing fixed by GF .

  • Maybe make separate, one for 'currently achievable max opts' and one for 'opts only old players like Popadom has' :love:

    For me, just put down 999 for everything :thumbup:

  • Runes-of-Bundling-na-loja-por-curto-per-odo-de-tempo.png

    N ão sei é lista real, não temos estes cofres deste de 2015 ...

    fazia jeito voltar estes cofres na Loja por um curto período de tempo.

    Ha unica maneira conseguir é chegar 150 convidados para receber 3 cofres. XD

    Dano - (runa nivel 105-140)

    Velocidade de ataque (runa nivel 11-13)

    Golpes Criticos (nivel de runa 10-12)

    Armadura (nivel de runa 18-21)

    Concentração (nivel de runa 18-21)

    Chance de Golpe Mágico (nivel de runa 219-282)

    Velocidade de Conjuração (nivel 11-13)

    Golpes Mágicos Críticos (nível d eruna 29-32)

    Resistencia ( nível d eruna 128-166)

    Velocidade de ataque a longo alcence (nível de runa 11-15)


    Olá Comunidades de Letras-4-Story.png:(:( ...

    Segue-me e veja as minhas atividades recentes.

    Para comunidade Por tugal Quem upar aprendiz comigo recebe mais recompensas de mentor durante o Evento EXP, itens divido ".

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