4 Story is having fresh start servers this got me thinking. [Discussion]

  • So randomly I seen that 4 story is making some new servers with all kinds of events, I also heard rumours that raiderz was on its way back (I am excited for that), also it appears that Defiance has a new game called Defiance 2050 on steam for summer 2018 not sure if this is a reworking of the current MMO or something different.

    I wonder what provoked this idea of fresh start servers/reboots or has it always been there in the background and people just haven't taken any notice, I for one think it is a great idea but I do think if us the players do not jump back into a game it is likely to fail. I imagine the idea behind them is hoping we have nostalgia goggles on, but let's face it, the past few years we really haven't been spoiled for choice with MMOs so maybe the timing is a factor to.

    Wonder if any other MMO from the past will try rejuvenating their game. Some already have and it appears that the format does work. Or are we content with what the current offerings are It is safe to assume the big three are FFXIV BDO and ESO and hopefully Bless will scratch that classic feel mmo itch for years to come.