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Dear Iberians! Please pay attention and be careful with phishing tries. If you didn't request a new password and you received an e-mail, don't click in any image or link!! If you have doubts please contact support before clicking anywhere! Your 4story Team

    Dear Iberians,

    after many years in our lovely team MSindy will leave his position as Game Master.

    He can now call himself Super Game Master.

    Congratulations and enjoy your new tasks!

    Best regards,

    Your 4Story.Uk Team

    Dear community,

    on Friday, 15.05.2020, we will have an update in the forums. With this update you will be able to log into the forum using your login data if you have an account on our website.

    For all users registered already in this forum, you now have 2 options to log into it:
    - Keep using your username and password here
    - Merge your account at and use the login from

    All new users will only be able to register an account and login through

    Your Gameforge Team


    Because the pictures are a bit too big for our website.. here we go with the full images of the places where you can find and fight the weird monsters :D






    As you already might've noticed it's not possible to transfer items from one of our old servers (Lapiris, Kalinor) to the new server (Nigiro) using the cash deposit. Same applies to a transfer from the new server to one of the old servers.

    Only cash items are not affected so that you're able to move cash items from one to the other server.

    That's not a bug and will also stay that way.

    Best regards

    Your 4Story.Uk Team

    Heyo Iberians,

    here you'll get informed about some smaller events of our GameTeam.

    Be prepared and enjoy!

    Your 4Story UK Team

    Dear Iberians,

    the General of the Regiment announces that Quokka and Nuika just joined our team as new Trial Game Master.

    We wish a lot of fun and success with your new tasks!

    Best regards,

    your Team

    So no ban for them on general

    Yeeeey and again....

    We will NEVER tell you when, why and how long we ban somebody! That's internal and will always be like that... doesn't matter how often you ask for that information.

    And still... that really shouldn't be part of that topic (again and again)

    Thanks :)

    (PS: If you see anything against our rules, feel free to report that player(s).. but don't assume that we will tell if that was correct and if we banned anybody.. - called data privacy)

    So we can play together in Battleground and War of the Worlds? Is that mean? I'ts awesome. Our hungarian Game Administrator forbidden us to play international server, but this is some misunderstanding.

    As long as you don't brake the rules, yep.

    I play this days some BattleGrounds and guess what ? In every Bg i saw people use PingZapper/Wtfast + make ABB with Mount :)) like u saw people dont care about "New Rules" they still do it +a lot of them play in no names accounts for using Ping Zapper/Wtfast.

    We can say after this update at "Rules" you will ban 90 % of Players and they will go on privates sv 100 % or stop the game.

    Make a video and send your report. :)

    This rule is about ONE person who plays MORE THAN ONE account at the same time. Why do we have that rule? Because we want to avoid players from exploid anything.. is it events, farming, etc.

    That really doesn't mean that it's forbidden that more than one person plays in the same household as long as every person only plays his/her own accounts and not more than one at the same time.

    and to make sure the topic of this thread again..

    We got these international rules and I opened that thread for your questions about any specific rule to avoid misunderstandigs AND for any suggestions for changes or some rules we forgot.

    This thread is NOT meant for discussions about any bugs, bugfixes, etc etc.. in addition to that, we also won't discuss any punishment/ban or whatever.. same for examples and questions like "do I get a ban for that?????"

    For all who still don't understand it or who don't want to understand this:

    Be sure that I'll remove and/or warn anything that is totally out of topic or just here to provokate!

    Thanks :)

    Well im not really agree with this Rule when you can"t combine Hits + Mount is so strange because in my oppinion is not a Bug.....he just help you hit more faster.So the Game will be now like 5-6 years ago when nobody know hit with Mount.

    Skills do have a cooldown. They don't have cooldown by mistake.. they SHOULD have this cooldown.

    And if there is a way to interrupt this cooldown, it isn't wanted... (also called BUG)

    I think i will remove my Mount from Skill Bar for don"t be banned.


    Tarodis why you post rules that already exist in every server (but none follows ) instead of just fixing the problem? I mean,you can fix the bugs anytime but instead you make the bannnable. Its like you have the key to open a door,but instead you try to break it. Ice Cave is still bugged,people abuse bugs from second accounts and instead of just fixing these problems you post new rules that like the old ones none will read and follow.

    I don't post them in every server.. and I also cannot fix bugs.

    I'm just a team member and not an GF employee. But I try my best to give you answers.

    We as team members cannot do more than reporting bugs and poke the responsible people again and again and again..

    Nethertheless is abusing bugs against the T&Cs and game rules, that's nothing new.

    (OT: About the Ice Cave... yes it's still bugged and we really don't know if and when we get a fix.. but be sure.. we and also GF doesn't like problems like that! And again: we'll inform you about a fix as soon as we get that information!)

    Sorry for the late answer... was quite busy this weekend :x

    But here you go! :)

    It's great that you've finally created the same rules for all servers! :)

    I hope this also applies to penalties in every community.

    That's the way how it should work in future ;)

    is it not allowed and will be punished?

    Please.. don't let us discuss and talk about any specific examples here.

    What are the "main" changes about bugs to the old versions?

    - using any kind of bugs to get advantage over another player, to speed you up, etc. etc. was and is still not allowed. (isn't a change)

    - also the ABB (that also includes "bug" as the last B) isn't allowed and will get punished
    - all teams have the same instructions, so a similar report should get handled similar too (which was one of the main problems with the old rules)

    Thanks for creating this topic :thumbup:

    you're welcome!

    ..... nobody will care about that rules to be honest. And if you gonna ban everybody who is walking while he Dodges (what is a bug according to you) for example you can also shut down the server directly xd you will have to ban 99% of the players

    We don't want to ban 99% of the players.. we want to stop abusing any bugs. And according to that, we also want to stop players using macros to use some of these bugs!

    yo tarodis, this thing with banning people for doing ABB, who came up with this idea ? u know that u cant attack somehow else than using abb right ? i wont play like in syfolio's video with 1 skill in 3 seconds, abb is not a bug , its how u attack, if u will ban people for this u are literally 0 iq. for real

    I'm sure you'll find a way to use skills without interrupting the cooldown.

    will close this topic too? some rules are the same for all servers but do not run on all servers what would be the reason? xD

    Sorry but I don't get it.. what exactly is your question/problem rn?

    It's the same for the "outside software" the players tell you all the time the same thing and the first reason is "It hides your identity, the players can then hack ect..." well its going nowhere my opinion

    This was already a part of our T&Cs that you all read and accepted. That's nothing new.

    It's not allowed to hide your Identity/IP etc and it's also not allowed to use any external programm that modify the game.

    That doesn't have to do anything with "I'm against" or even not.. these are some common rules that has to be accepted (and that you already accepted right before your registration)

    Good morning, everyone. I read you from the beginning of this topic and you disgust me, the rules are and always have been the same the bug = forbidden therefore bannible . Before the appearance of all this bug you managed to play well without, so stop moaning about the end of this cheat that caused quite a few players starts. For my part I don’t even know how you realize your bugs so stop saying that more than 90% use them. Question yourself who over-use the game’s bugs

    !!! :)

    how can we all have the same rules when some servers have magic higher than others? This is not a balanced game.

    This doesn't have anything to do with the rules discussion..

    Nethertheless I want to answer your question with one simple sentence: Yes that problem exists, and there are already discussions about a way to make it fair for all communities.

    I'll poke that topic next week again. :)

    ye, in these rules u say that abb is bannable, why is that ? u know the meaning of abb ? and about the events, ro server didnt have any nice events since like.. 2012 xD, these events that you re trying to do now and give us some useless cupons as rewards.. are so bad, events to farm.. wow, very creative, try something new maybe?

    and again..

    Events doesn‘t have anything to do with the topic of that thread..

    But if you have some nice ideas you can poke me whenever you want! Especially for RO

    Just write a PM or Mail to me ;)