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    Sad because u can see in the rules "6. events" can not be applied to us, server FR knowing that the last event we had was in 2016 and the reward was a mount 7 days LOL (just for us)

    that still depends on every single team if, what and how often events will take place.

    Question : "4. Exploiting bugs"

    Is abb mount considered like a BUG ??

    ABB is a Bug (as the name already says) and Bugusing is not allowed.

    But we won‘t tell you what kind of punishment a player‘ll get for using and exploiting a bug because this is an internal information and always depends on what exactly was done.

    By the way... shouldn‘t be very interesting because I hope you all are interested in NOT being banned, so I‘m sure all will stick to these rules ;)

    why are u saying that these are some "new" rules when its so obvious that these are the rules we had before, it s gonna be like 6 months ago, when the servers had anyway the same rules, but just some of the gm's were applying them, i think you re trying to lose players step by step with every update and every thing u do, it becomes worse and worse and u never listen to what community says.

    see you when czechs are gonna bug 24/7 and use programs 24/7, and then u can tell me that these rules are applied for all servers. cya


    Thanks for your feedback.

    You're correct that at the first view the rules are mostly the same but the "new" thing of these rules isn't only that there are some little changes, it's that all community teams will handle things the same. So even if they had the same rules, it could happen that different communities gave different punishments etc.

    That has an end with these "new" rules starting 1st september.

    They DO care about the game and the players. Even if it takes some time to react of your and also our feedback.

    One example for that are these new rules and requirements that are valid for every different community. Most of you and also most of the team members had that wish since monthes and see.. we got it!

    But please also stick to the topic.. this thread is about the rules and nothing else :)

    Really now,you need a 2 minutes video for what? To check if someone is bugging or not following the rules? Like 20 seconds were not enough to understand it? You need a whole montage to see if someone is cheating , thats so sad.

    Yes, we need clear evidences. And also yes, we tried to give you a period of time to show that we need more than just a view of a single moment. That's important for the "afk"-cases as an example. If you're not able to do a 2 minutes video but the reason for your report is clear, you can surely report that at any time! You just shouldn't send a video with only a few seconds on it.. we cannot use that as evidence.

    Nossa opinião não importa! Essas "novas regras" são as mesmas que já existiam. continuará perseguindo e banindo aqueles que desejam ter uma melhor experiência de jogo, enquanto outros abusam de bugs e programas Proxys, mesmo tendo uma boa conexão, não listarei os servidores, porque todo mundo está cansado de ver e ler as reclamações citadas aqui. Na verdade, você é responsável pelo final deste jogo, porque você não ouve a comunidade e nada de bom é feito por ANOS. Eu espero que você esteja feliz.

    hey :)

    Would be great to have your post in english so that everybody (also me) can understand and answer.

    Best regards

    As you can see we got some international rules.

    These rules are the same for every different 4Story community.

    Feel free to use this thread if you have questions or if you miss anything.

    Please always write your questions in english, so that everybody can understand and a team member can answer asap.

    Thanks in advance for your feedback!

    Keep in mind that we still have rules for our forum, so please stick to the topic and avoid insults, foul language and spam.

    Ich möchte eher wissen welches Herkunftsland dessen Eltern sind.

    Jetzt mal Realtorkkkkkk, es war mir schon klar bzw. es ist mir klar, das man nicht so leicht SGM wird, wenn man nicht vorher schon im Team war. Aber warum will man nicht, dass gewusst wird wer dieser Mensch/ das Wesen ist? Ist es Tarodissssssssssssssssssssss??? Ich mag Tarodis.

    Greetz Deja

    nö, ich heiß immer noch Tarodis xD

    First week:

    4Story Quiz

    • a GM will give a short announcement of the current task
    • there will be five questions you have to answer
    • try to give the first correct answer in ALL chat
    • as reward you'll get 3 GM coupons and 1 point
    • this event is for Valorian, Derion and Gor at the same time

    Good luck!

    Cancelled because of lack of participants!!

    Heroes of Iberia,

    you need some distraction from all-day ingame stuff, you love doing events or you're just interested in winning some nice rewards?

    Then take care now!

    We're looking for our fastest and smartest event players, UK's Masters of Events!

    It's as easy as it sounds, participate in events and win as many rewards as possible.

    "When does this event start start and how much time do we have?"

    Start: Monday, 13th May 2019

    End: Sunday, 9th June 2019

    "How does it work?"

    We'll do four different event types during these four weeks with you. Every week includes a different one.

    This event will take place on both servers, Lapiris and Kalinor.

    First week: 4Story-Quiz - Give us the right answer of our questions.

    Second week: GM-Boccia - Try to guess the position of the GM.

    Third week: Who does say that...? - Tell us the name of the NPC by knowing the map and what he/she says.

    Fourth week: Scavenger hung - What can you find at...?

    These events will take place all over the weeks and at different times. We try to announce them the day before they take place but there can also be some spontaneous ones.

    The rules of each event will be shortly explained at the beginning of each event ingame and at the beginnig of each new week here in this thread.

    One event includes 5 rounds.

    "What can we win?"

    As reward for each round you'll get 3x GM Coupon that can be exchanged into other times. [click]

    You'll also get one point for winning one round. The three players with the most points after these four weeks are our Masters of Events and will get another reward. Only one rating for both servers!

    You can see the current highscore at the end of this post.

    1st place: 10€ GF Coupon + 15x GM Coupon

    2nd place: 2x3€ GF Coupon + 10x GM Coupon

    3rd place: 3€ GF Coupon + 7x GM Coupon

    For questions and feedback please use this thread: [Feedback] Events

    Enjoy and good luck to all participants!

    Your 4Story.UK Team

    Screenshoot? Thats hard.... the image shows you nothing. And during a fight i can't ask the enemy "pls stop i want to make a photo" and i can't see when my teamates die...

    But maybe a video is possible and could help to report that with as much information as possible.


    We're currently searching for some Game Masters to join our lovely Team.

    Please use the applications tool to send your application:

    These are the requirements:

    • You have to be at least 18 years old (there are no exceptions!)
    • You have enough time and you're motivated to fulfil your tasks as a GameMaster (around 2 hours a day are expected)
    • You must be willing to use Discord. (No previous use of Discord is required.)
    • You should be able to work independently as well as part a team.
    • You have some basic knowledge about 4Story
    • You're able to speak and write English fluently and your orthography/grammar isn't too bad as well
    • You need to know our Game Rules and T&Cs
    • You take confidentiality and reliability for granted

    Feel free to apply if you're intrested in joining our small but amazing team and also fulfill all the requirements!

    We're looking forward to your application and will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

    Your 4Story.Uk Team

    This thread is for the crystal game, if you want to share other suggestions, you need to create a new thread or post in a corect thread.

    You don't need to open a new thread about that and you can continue giving here suggestions about where to put the moon crystals.

    So no need to open a new thread .. even if the topic of this thread is something else.

    I'll try to give my opinion and add some comments :D

    Marduk's essence - put them back into Marduk's essence, together with level 70+ restriction.

    wouldn't stop them.. and isn't that easy to implement

    Daily quests - nowdays there are some PvP points as a reward, not a lot, people would start doing them again.

    I know (and really DON'T like) the 'let's call it motivation' of Zemi to implement new things like quests and how long it takes to get it.. (+ the time to fix annoying bugs)

    So nice idea but not an easy and fast solution :/

    Orc's chest - would not give tons of MC since Orc's are not that common + Orc stone is not guaranteed as a drop

    sounds nice but would reduce the chance of getting the other items like namechanges etc..

    Mysterious Treasure Chest - Mentor Reward - interesting place to put them, of course with reasonably chance of drop.

    has the same problem as the orc's chests.. don't know if anybody would be happy with getting a moon crystal instead of one of the other 'nice' items like serendipity potions etc

    Chests from arena 3v3 and 5v5 in Tebekut - Now they have almost no usage, except occasional PvP, this would give them some purpose, of course aswell with reasonably modest chance of drop.

    this is my favorite idea for the moment :D also positive for PvP

    Area Conquest + Castle War - reward for attending, not for number of captured Areas. If it would not be possible, don't put it there, since people would migrate to winning nation.

    again mass of MCs ingame.. I don't think that it's wanted to have hundreds of MCs ingame everyday.. (exploiting possible)

    Daily login bonus - would be okay together with different availability, e.g. quests or orc's chests.

    same exploiting problem..

    this is just my opinion and feel free to comment or give some new suggestions!! we can't find a solution without knowing the opinion of our players because you're the experts! :)

    and people making a low lvl char on low guarded server to test their hacks and bugs in ac

    if you see anybody who uses hacks, please make a video and report this player! if you cannot make a video of it you can also report this player by telling us the nickname! (video is much better because we need a proof)

    like we have a lvl 80 who is untouchable and kills 2 to 3 lvl 140 easy

    and exactly that's the reason why we have this feature.. Otherwise low level players wouldn't participate in AC and CS because they don't have any possibility to kill a 140 player with level 80.

    remove instant lvl 140 in ac and cs

    as far as I know it isn't level 140 but level 100

    Nethertheless CM got the suggestion to discuss.

    Would be also great if there're more than only two opinions (yours and mine) about this topic ;) We're in a discussion section