Game Rules - Starting 01.09.2019

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  • Rules

    The T&Cs are complemented by the following game rules. In the event of discrepancies between the game rules and the T&Cs, the T&Cs apply.

    The following points apply to all game worlds. If you think you have been blocked or banned unfairly, please contact the responsible member of the team via the ticket system.

    Please note that complaints and requests relating to the personal data of an account can only be dealt with via the owner of the account.

    1. Accounts & Account Data

    1.1. Access to the account, account sitting & account sharing

    • A user can register several accounts on each server but can only play one at a time.
    • The user is obliged to keep login credentials and all identification and passwords strictly confidential.
    • The user is under no circumstances entitled to use another user’s login credentials.
    • Players are responsible for their accounts and everything that happens with them.

    1.2. Account transfer

    Trading accounts (for real money, items or gold) or exchanging them is strictly forbidden.

    2. Names (player, guild, shop, mounts or pets)

    It is forbidden to use:

    • any term considered offensive, racist, politically-oriented, religious in nature, harassing towards anyone (players or otherwise), or which references illegal activities;
    • the nickname of any 4Story staff member;
    • overly long or incomprehensible letter combinations.

    3. Behaviour

    3.1. Chat

    • The language used in the game should correspond to the language of the server, however other languages are allowed, as long as they are not used to break any rule or violate the T&Cs.
    • Spamming the general chat should be avoided.
    • Using the chat to insult, harass, threaten, blackmail or reveal personal information is forbidden.
    • Any content that is considered offensive, racist, political, religious or refer to any illegal activity is forbidden.
    • Posting links or information (including advertising) that is not affiliated to the official 4Story version or is against the T&Cs is forbidden.

    3.2. Game

    • Fraudulent activities of any kind are forbidden (e.g. advertising one item but sending another, sending in-game messages requesting money, etc.).
    • Acting with the intention of ruining the game for other players, such as constantly stealing monsters from a weaker player, disconnecting during PVP etc. is prohibited.
    • Entering special instances with the sole intention of earning the reward without making any effort (afk item farming) is not permitted.

    4. Exploiting bugs

    A bug is an in-game error which can create unfair advantages for certain players. It is strictly forbidden to take advantage of these issues, including but not limited to: stacking potions, by-passing casting or cooldown times, accessing areas where you cannot be attacked, etc.

    5. Cheating/Illegal programs

    • The use of any third-party programs to gain an advantage in the game is expressly prohibited. This includes but is not limited to: bots, scripts, macros, etc.
    • The use of any program that may hide your real IP address is forbidden. These programs include but are not limited to: VPNs, proxies, programs to increase performance like PingZapper and WTFast.

    6. Events

    • The 4Story Team’s instructions should be followed at all times during an event. Should these instructions not be followed, there is a chance you will be excluded from the event.
    • Players should keep the area around the jump gate/warp portal clear so that other players may enter the map/event.
    • It is not permitted to harass the 4Story Team during an event. They will have their hands full administering and managing the event. Please send your questions afterwards via PMs in the forum or via email.
    • After the event it is not permitted to solicit for prizes. Users have no entitlement to a prize.

    7. 4Story Team

    • The 4Story Team members are not allowed to hand out items or premium currencies to help players with monsters or leveling up, or to join guilds, parties or raids. The only exceptions to this are during events or in the case of bugs.
    • Users are not allowed to make such requests of team members. Constant requests of this type may result in being muted and/or potentially kicked from the server.
    • The 4Story Team’s instructions and decisions are to be obeyed.
    • Users are obliged to react to messages from 4Story Team members.
    • If no answer is forthcoming within a reasonable period of time, yet the user continues to operate within the game, the 4Story Team has the right to assume that the player is using measures to automate their game experience.
    • It is not permitted to circumvent decisions made by the 4Story Team by going to another Support/Team member.
    • For any complaints regarding a 4Story Team member’s behaviour/decision, please contact the next level in the hierarchy (TGM/GM-> SGM->GA->TM-> CoMa).
    • Support about account blocks will be given until 30 days after the ban. After that period, the team may give the reason of the ban but will not enter in further discussions.

    If any of these rules or the Terms & Conditions are violated, the 4Story Team reserves the right to warn, kick, temporarily block or permanently block the player’s account (or accounts, in cases where a player has more than one).

    In cases where players share their login data, the 4Story Team may refuse to provide any kind of support.

    The 4Story Team reserves the right to change the Rules at any time.

    It is at the 4Story Team’s discretion to decide whether an action constitutes an infringement of the behaviour and game rules.

    How to report a player?

    • If you want to report a situation of harassment, spam, insults or similar activities, make a screenshot and use our support system to send it to the 4Story Team without modification, indicating the date and time of capture. Only screenshots from the last 3 days are accepted.

    • If you want to report a player using illegal programs, being afk or exploiting bugs, you will need to make a video with a duration of at least 2 minutes and use our support system to send it to the 4Story Team without any modification, indicating the date and time of recording. Only videos from the last 3 days are accepted.
  • *additional*

    In tournaments (monthly, weekly), players are not allowed to use items like Christmas balls, Snow balls, Halloween Pumpkins, etc. (any object that stun, transform or prevent the other player to do his game)

    Which rule?

    This is included in the rules that states: "3.2 Acting with the intention of ruining the game for other players..."